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American Family named top employer for the disabled

American Family is on the CAREERS & the disABLED magazine's 2023 Annual Top 50 Employers list. Employee Nick Pilarski shares his experience being neurodivergent.

According to U.S. Census data, 12.7% of Americans have some form of visible or invisible disability. Invisible disabilities are not immediately apparent and are typically chronic illnesses or conditions that significantly impair daily living.

One form of invisible disability is neurodivergence, which refers to diversity in the human brain and cognition. While some neurodivergent characteristics present challenges in traditional work or educational settings, these individuals also have unique strengths that can improve productivity, quality, innovation and engagement.

Neurodiversity in the workplace

Nick Pilarski, rotation IT-security analyst, has been with American Family for almost two years as part of the company’s Rotation Development Program. Pilarski is diagnosed with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder, which means he has a different learning style thanPilarski others.

“I am a visual learner, which means it’s hard for me to retain verbal directions. Communicating my needs to my manager and colleagues was an important step in advocating for myself, which has led to an overall positive experience,” said Pilarski.

While this may seem like a small change, it made a big difference in Pilarski’s productivity and overall well-being at the company.

“It’s important for employees at all levels to have more awareness about neurodiversity and other disabilities to help reduce the stigma surrounding it,” said Pilarski. “About a quarter of the global population has some form of neurodivergence, but many people don’t disclose it to their employer for fear of discrimination.”

Pilarski is a member of the company’s abilities business resource group (ABRG) and a sub-group, the neurodiversity affinity group. The goal of these groups is to promote inclusivity of neurodivergent people within the enterprise and how to accommodate their needs. One way they are achieving their goal is by educating other employees on behavioral differences that may be misunderstood in the workplace, such as lack of eye-contact, which can be overstimulating for neurodivergent people.

“For many people with invisible disabilities, they may not be diagnosed until later in life, so it’s important to be empathetic. American Family has done a great job of listening to people like me and promoting inclusivity,” said Pilarski.

Company recognized by CAREERS & the disABLED

Pilarski’s experience at American Family was recently affirmed when the company was named on the CAREERS & the disABLED magazine's 2023 Annual Top 50 Employers list.

American Family was ranked 28 out of 50 for the 32nd Annual Top 50 Employers. Readers of the magazine selected the top companies in the country for which they would most prefer to work or believe provide a positive working environment for people with disabilities. The list of the “Top 50 Employers” that will be featured in the Winter 2022-23 edition of CAREERS & the disABLED magazine.

“We are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment for people of all abilities,” said Dr. Gregory Stinyard, diversity andDr. Gregory Stinyard inclusion director, who helps lead the company’s DEI efforts, and oversees the business resource groups. “Each employee has different needs, and we want to accommodate and nurture them so they can reach their full potential.”

To see the full Top 50 list, visit the Careers & the disABLED winter issue.




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