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Remodeling Checklist for Homeowners

Remodeling is a perfect example of the "doing" that is so essential to dreaming.

It's rewarding to put your vision into action, creating a new, welcoming haven that better supports your evolving needs and aspirations.

But before the circular saws start whirring and sawdust fills the air, think about the following insurance-related factors. They'll help protect what you've worked so hard to rejuvenate!

  1. Talk to your insurance agent before you start remodeling. Find out if you'll need to revise your coverage once the project is complete.
  2. If you're hiring a contractor for a large project, verify the contractor has general liability insurance, as well as property and Workers Compensation insurance. Check out these additional tips, too.
  3. Hang on to your remodeling records, including invoices and receipts for all work relating to the project. You'll need this documentation in case you need to update your homeowner's policy. While not required, providing "before” and "after” pictures will help your agent.
  4. Talk to your agent about eligibility for certain discounts related to your remodeling project. For example, you may qualify for a discount for installing home security and/or fire alarm systems. Or, you could get a discount if you install an impact-resistant roof.
  5. After your renovation is complete, meet with your agent, if needed, to update your insurance policy.
  6. Use American Family's DreamVault app to keep track of additional items you've purchased to fill your newly remodeled space, and talk to your agent about insurance coverage for these items.

Get additional details on coverage considerations, discounts and more by contacting your American Family Insurance agent today. Your agent can help you carefully insure that special place where your dreams can live, grow and thrive.

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