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New! MyLife Flexible Life Insurance

It offers long-term, flexible coverage that can change as your life evolves.


In life, change is constant.

For instance, your obligations and priorities when you’re younger and just starting a family undoubtedly will be quite different than when you’re older and the kids have moved out.

So, if you’re shopping for life insurance, or are reevaluating what you already have, you might want to consider a new and unique product: MyLife Flexible Life Insurance.

MyLife Flexible Life Insurance from American Family Life Insurance Company offers you long-term, flexible coverage that can change as your life evolves.

MyLife provides two options, Freedom and Legacy, for meeting your needs throughout your lifetime.

Freedom provides affordable coverage when your family’s needs are at their peak, and guaranteed*, paid-up coverage for your retirement years. If you elect this option, you’ll have no payments after age 65 or 20 years after purchase, whichever is later.

Legacy offers the flexibility you need to build value throughout your lifetime. It maximizes the policy’s coverage and cash value as you get older and allows you to provide your family with a legacy.

MyLife offers attractive features, such as accumulation of cash value, guaranteed minimum interest rate or the ability to adjust the coverage amount and premium.

As one of our agents put it, “With its customizable options, this product takes life insurance to a whole new level.”

Whether you’re getting married, having a new baby, or starting over in an exciting new career, you want to know that the most important dream of all – a family with the financial resources it needs to thrive – is protected.

Consider talking to your American Family agent.

*Loans or partial surrenders may void the Freedom Guarantee. Details are found in the policy.

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