11:26 AM

Life insurance secures family’s business and future


In this video, American Family customer Sue Graves talks about her husband’s unexpected death and the blessings she’s relied on to move her and their six children beyond that dark night in February 2015.

Customer Sue Graves lost her husband, Bill, in a plane crash when he was 52. Bill had resisted the notion of life insurance for a long time. But as his national pizza franchise business and family grew, he began to see the importance of protecting the family’s future.

So, Sue and Bill sat down and asked themselves hard questions. How would either manage without the other? Who would take care of the children? What would happen to the business? The answers pointed to life insurance.

They worked with their agent Carlos Capdevila (D-722, Burlington, Iowa) and purchased life policies for themselves and their six children. Bill’s life insurance provided the means for Sue to keep the business and secure the family’s future.