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10:35 AM

Know the Key Ingredient of a Safe Kitchen


Whether being used to prepare scrumptious meals, host social get-togethers or – best of all – a combination of the two, your kitchen is a hub of activity.

Keep safety at the center of your culinary gathering space by ensuring one key ingredient: a working fire extinguisher.

Relatively inexpensive, and quite simple to use, these protective devices could mean the difference between a small fire and one that causes significant damage.

Tips for choosing the right fire extinguisher:

  • Select a unit that can be used on all types of fires.
  • Make sure it's large enough to put out a small fire, but small enough for every family member to handle.
  • Read the instructions, and be comfortable with how to use the extinguisher, before it's ever needed.
  • Periodically check the charge. It should always be on "full." (If you're unfamiliar with how to recharge a fire extinguisher, there are many companies that provide this service.)

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