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Just like Sunday dinner: Celebrating the Black experience and Black arts

By Quianna Ali, American Family Insurance Claims Desk Adjuster

I credit my affinity for Black history to my parents. Growing up, they would often come home with new books for my older brother and me to read, and we’d write reports on the subject matter. WeQuianna Ali had discussions as we sat at the dinner table about what we’d learned in school, and my parents shared their own stories with us.

My parents first met in elementary school in Newark, N.J., in the late 1960s. Throughout my childhood, I was given a front-row seat to their memories and experiences: Their recollections of the Newark race riots, their introduction to and later involvement with the Nation of Islam, and the profound impact that The Nation — as well as the Black Panther Party — had on their communities.

It was through these conversations that I was able to make the connection between textbook lessons and real-life events.

The ah-ha! moment

History, Black history — our history — became palpable. It became more than learning about “way back when” and hearing stories of people I’d never known.

I had an ah ha! moment: History is rarely made by those seeking to go down in history books; it’s made by everyday people simply living their lives.

Black history epitomizes this notion. The idea that our mere existence, and audacity to want to live our lives without restraint, was so radical in and of itself, to the point it’d be forever etched in history. Our rich history was built, and continues to build on, the backs and shoulders of people simply living their truths and sharing their stories, not unlike the way it was done at my dinner table growing up.

Black History Month gives us all the privilege to sit at the dinner table together and share these stories.

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