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Jason Parker rides the airwaves


Tune in to some Indiana high school basketball on the radio, and you’ll hear American Family Insurance agent Jason Parker on the call.

If you’ve ever seen Friday Night Lights, you know how popular high school football is in Texas.

Businesses close, fans cover themselves in paint and all but one spot in town is deserted. Everyone has gathered at the high school football stadium.

It’s not much different in Indiana, where a different type of ball reigns supreme.

High school basketball is king in the Hoosier state, and Jason Parker (D-554, Greenfield, Indiana) has a courtside seat.

Let’s talk basketball

About 60 times a season, you can catch Jason courtside doing radio color commentary for high school basketball games. With five high schools in his coverage area, Jason watches – and commentates on – his fair share of basketball games. And he’s been doing so for the last seven years.

“I do it because I love high school basketball,” says Jason, a former player and coach. “The five schools in our area have amazing fan bases that can’t travel to every single game, so we bring the game to them. People tune in from all over – we’ve had people listen from California, Florida, and even overseas.

My goal is to make the listeners feel like they are in the gym watching the game.”

Jason provides stats, interesting storylines and compelling in-game analysis. He gives his opinions and feedback on players, coaches, and the decisions they’ve made during the game. While most of his feedback is positive, Jason’s listeners also appreciate his honesty.

Jason’s passion fuels agency success

Jason’s motivation for commentating is simple: Pure love for the game. Even after his playing and coaching days were over, he still wanted to stay involved.

But just because he does it for fun doesn’t mean he hasn’t seen it benefit his agency.

“It gets me in the public eye,” says Jason. “And while a lot of people already know me, sitting front-and-center in a sold-out gym is a constant reminder of who I am and what I do.”

To top it off, Jason doesn’t even advertise his agency on the air.

“I try to keep a safe distance from that – my philosophy is to not promote my own agency on the air,” says Jason. “I try to let my presence take care of that, and it’s worked well over the years.”