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Document your belongings before the unthinkable happens


If your personal belongings were destroyed or lost in a disaster, recalling what you had in your home may be difficult. That's why you should create a home inventory now.

Should your apartment or home be hit by a tornado or damaged in a fire, it can be difficult trying to recall from memory all the personal belongings that were destroyed or lost.

That’s why compiling a home inventory is important now, so you can remember and identify damaged or destroyed items in the event a disaster strikes.

American Family Insurance claim adjuster Jesse Medina deals with large complex claims every day and says taking photos is a simple way to document your personal belongings, to help determine the payment for your damaged and destroyed items.

Medina starts in the living room and moves from room to room.

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demo of inventory

Medina moves into the kitchen getting dining furniture and even opening the cupboards to take photos of the glassware inside.








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kitchen home inventory

While we only showed how to simply inventory two rooms, Medina recommends you take an inventory in all the rooms in your home and property including garages and outbuildings as well as outdoor furniture and equipment.

If you have the time, you can also get into more detail and create your own written document with the items you have in your home.


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