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American Family encourages drivers to stay alert for deer on the roads


As the fall season settles in and deer become more active, American Family Insurance is urging drivers to stay vigilant and be aware of the increased risk of deer-related accidents on the road. 

As the fall season settles in and deer become more active, American Family Insurance is urging drivers to stay vigilant and be aware of the increased risk of deer-related accidents on the road. Deer mating season peaks during October and November, which means deer-vehicle collisions are a higher risk.

Deer-related accidents can be costly and potentially dangerous for both drivers and the animals involved. American Family Insurance wants to ensure that customers are well-prepared for the roads this season.

In the past year, American Family Insurance Group customers had almost 30,000 claims for collisions with deer across 48 states, with the top three states being Wisconsin, Missouri and Minnesota. The highest numbers occurred in October and November, due to an increase in deer activity during this time of year.

American Family paid more than $190 million to customers over the past year for these deer-related collisions, and due in part to rising inflation costs, the average cost per claim increased from approximately $6,200 to $6,500. Although certain states have higher deer populations than others, drivers in all states should be vigilant when driving through wooded areas, particularly around dawn or dusk.

Here are some essential tips to help you avoid hitting a deer:

  1. Slow down: Reduce your speed and plan driving trips around dawn and dusk when deer are most active.
  2. Stay alert: Pay close attention to "Deer Crossing" signs and be on the lookout for any sudden movements near the road.
  3. Use high beams: When driving at night, use your high beams whenever possible to increase your field of vision.
  4. Scan the road: Continuously scan the sides of the road for deer, especially in wooded or rural areas.
  5. Brake, don't swerve: If a collision with a deer appears imminent, brake firmly but avoid swerving. Swerving can lead to more dangerous accidents.

Despite taking precautions, deer-vehicle collisions can still occur. In the unfortunate event that you do hit a deer:

  1. Stay off the road and away from the animal. Move your car off the road, if possible, and turn on your hazard lights. Stay away from the animal because a wounded animal can become frightened and may act aggressively.
  2. Contact law enforcement: Call your local police or state troopers to report the accident.
  3. Document the incident: Take pictures of the scene and any damage to your vehicle for insurance purposes.
  4. Contact your insurance provider: Notify your insurance company as soon as possible to report the accident and begin the claims process.

American Family is dedicated to helping its customers navigate the unexpected challenges that life can bring. Agents are available to assist customers with any questions or concerns related to deer-vehicle collisions and insurance claims.

For more information on insurance coverage and safety tips, visit the American Family Insurance website at

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