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Agency décor more than a decoration


Agent Colleen Frentzel has a beautifully decorated office. But there’s also more to it than meets the eye.

When Colleen Frentzel opened her agency, she didn’t know how to decorate it.

She wanted something interesting, she wanted to involve her wife’s artwork and she wanted to benefit the community. Then, she remembered various businesses and coffee shops that hang local artists’ work and offer it for sale.

Now, Colleen’s office walls feature artwork – front-and-center – for her customers to see.

For Colleen, it’s not only a chance for beautiful décor, it’s also an opportunity to showcase talent and raise money for charities.

Colleen features several artists’ work during a year. If customers like a piece, they can purchase it and take it home. It gives the artists a chance to showcase their work and make a profit. But, there’s more to it than that.

Raising money for charity

Colleen wants to make a difference.

Colleen and each artist partner with a nonprofit organization of the artist’s choosing. Part of the proceeds from any work sold benefit that charity. Colleen also holds open houses – fun events at the office that aren’t insurance related – where the artists’ work can be raffled off. Since Colleen started displaying artwork, she’s featured six artists and raised approximately $3,000 for charity.

“I’ve always wanted to help when I see someone in need,” says Colleen. “Growing up, my family didn’t have a lot of money, but giving back and volunteering was still something I learned was important. I’ve always been conscious of the struggles around me. There are so many people and organizations needing help. It’s part of our human duty to give back whatever way we can.”