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When spring arrives, so can severe weather


Many areas of the country will be at risk for severe weather soon. One of the most destructive forms of nature is the tornado. Stay aware and be safe with these tornado safety tips.


Enjoying the great outdoors is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, when the weather swings towards the extreme, it's best to be prepared — especially in the event of a tornado. Because of their unpredictability and power, there is no way to eliminate every risk when it comes to preparing for a tornado. However, here are some smart steps you can take to protect your home and your family.

Designate a shelter. Your basement or lowest ground floor work best as a storm shelter. The area you choose should be away from windows or objects that could be thrown by wind. If you live in a mobile home, designate a storm shelter, friend's home or other building for evacuation during a storm.

Stock supplies. Keeping your shelter area stocked with emergency supplies such as a flashlight, portable radio, first aid kit, food and water. Get ideas for building your own natural disaster kit here.

Develop an emergency plan. Make sure everyone in your household understands the local siren warning system and where to go when they hear it. Listen to the radio and TV for severe weather warnings.

Make safety improvements to your home.

  • Since garage doors are highly susceptible to wind damage, it’s a great idea to retrofit them to improve wind resistance.
  • Consider installing high-impact windows designed for wind resistance.
  • Make sure entry doors have at least three hinges and a deadbolt lock.
  • Have a contractor examine your roof and foundation to ensure they're anchored securely.

Document your valuables. Lastly, it’s important to create an inventory of your personal possessions by taking photos or video of your property. You can also consider an inventory app that keeps a list of all your possessions.