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What to Do If Your Windshield Is Cracked

Act swiftly – it could save you money.


You’re driving down the road without a care in the world.

The next thing you know, that semi in front of you kicks up a pebble, and now your windshield is cracked.

What do you do? These tips can help streamline the windshield repair process and save you money.

Act soon: For safety reasons, and to prevent the crack from expanding and requiring a costly replacement, address the problem as soon as possible. Keep in mind that extreme temperature changes or driving over bumpy roads can make cracks bigger.

Call Your Agent First: Your insurance agent can help you determine whether your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced, and can assist you with filing a claim so the damage is fixed by a Platinum Provider glass shop. Also, your agent can provide a temporary patch to keep the damaged area dry and free of debris prior to repair or replacement.

Repair vs. Replacement: If the chip or crack is smaller than a dollar bill, it’s better to get the windshield repaired instead of replaced. Repairs help preserve the structural integrity of the windshield, and American Family will cover them at no cost to you when you have comprehensive coverage. (A glass deductible may apply with replacement.)

Avoid Fraud: Don’t give your insurance card to unscrupulous solicitors offering to replace your windshield when it just needs to be repaired. This not only leaves your personal policy information at risk, it could result in unnecessary replacement claims. Additionally, experience has shown that sometimes repair shops may secretly file multiple claims on your vehicle. As stated above, contact your agent first!

Protecting your car goes hand-in-hand with protecting your dreams.

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