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Umbrella Insurance Gives Your Dreams Extra Protection

Dreams don't just happen. Accidents do.

That's why you need personal liability umbrella insurance - to protect what you've worked so hard to achieve. It adds extra protection above your primary coverage in case you're held liable for damages and injuries to others.

"Let's say you make a slight swerve to avoid a pothole on the highway, which causes a multiple car pileup," says Khanh Tao, national product manager at American Family Insurance. "If you're sued and found liable for damages and injuries exceeding your auto policy's liability limits, you're personally responsible for paying for the remaining excess damages."

And that's where umbrella insurance comes in.

Protecting your dreams can be as simple and inexpensive as adding an extra layer of coverage with personal liability umbrella insurance.

Here are a few other examples of situations where an umbrella policy can protect you.

  • A guest in your home falls and is injured
  • A friend is injured while you're driving
  • The family dog harms someone's child
  • Your online review leads to a lawsuit
  • You crash a car when traveling abroad
  • Tenants get hurt at your rental property

For extra protection against life's unwanted surprises, contact your American Family agent about personal liability umbrella insurance.

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