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15:39 PM

Think You Might Be a Victim of Credit Card Hacking?

Here are five steps you might want to take.


Stolen credit and debit card information has been all over the news during the recent holiday season.

Identity Theft 911, American Family’s identity theft resolution provider, has seen an increase in call volume from customers concerned they may be one of the millions of consumers affected by the recent credit card data breach at Target.

Think you might be a victim? Here are five steps Identity Theft 911 recommends:

  1. Check your accounts immediately. Use a secure WiFi connection to access online accounts and review credit card and bank account statements. Take action if you see unfamiliar charges. Call your credit card issuer or bank.
  2. Consider replacing the card(s) used at Target. The bad guys can recreate physical cards with the stolen information and use them at any time. Even if they haven’t used your card, the data on the card has been compromised. Waiting to replace it may cost more money and cause more trouble later.
  3. Update providers with new card information. When you replace your card, remember to update that information with service providers to avoid service disruptions. Otherwise, charges won’t go through and you’ll experience more headaches.
  4. Take extra precautions. If you don’t immediately replace your cards, go online to review every transaction daily.
  5. Check your credit. Review your credit reports from the three reporting agencies—TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. Visit, the government-mandated source for free credit reports. Investigate suspicious activity and stay on top of it until the matter is resolved.

Looking for extra protection? Identity Fraud Expense Coverage from American Family Insurance is available for homeowners, renters, condo owners, manufactured home owners and farm/ranch customers.

This endorsement covers expenses associated with re-establishing damaged credit, such as legal fees, loan reapplication fees, telephone and certified mail charges, notary expenses and lost wages for any time taken off work to correct the fraud. Identity Theft 911 will help you through the entire process.

With this endorsement, you also have unlimited access to a dedicated fraud specialist who can help you resolve identity theft issues, take proactive steps to protect your identity, and replace lost, stolen or destroyed documents or identification.

To learn more, contact your American Family Insurance agent today.