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Our Herman Wittwer moment

CEO Jack Salzwedel reflects on how premium relief for customers is part of American Family's heritage


By returning premium to American Family Insurance auto customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, CEO Jack Salzwedel says we are living out the dream of our founder and delivering on our 92-year-long promise to customers.  

I needed a little perspective.  

Recently, I took a break from the sadness and chaos of everything happening around us. I picked up Dare to Dream, a terrific book about the story of Herman Wittwer, the founder of my company.  

If you haven’t heard it, bear with me.  

As a struggling insurance agent, Herman had a dream. It was 1927, and he wanted to offer a different kind of insurance product. He didn’t think it was right that Wisconsin farmers were paying the same for auto insurance when they weren’t driving as much, especially during rough winters.  

Herman believed they deserved better. That same year, he formed Farmers Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. (We would become American Family Mutual Insurance Company in the early 1960s.) It was his dream – one that’s lasted 92-plus years and that’s been reaffirmed by so many who followed in his footsteps at Farmers Mutual (and eventually American Family Insurance).  

His story – our story – was the perspective I needed. Because we’re living in unfair times once again.  

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