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Our dream became her dream. Just check out her mortarboard.


American Family Insurance claim adjuster Megan Mohr found a creative way to adorn her college graduation mortarboard.

Megan Mohr, a Madison, Wisconsin-based American Family Insurance property claim adjuster, was searching for a creative way to adorn her University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh graduation mortarboard. 

“I looked online at a lot of different ideas that had already been done. However, I couldn’t settle for any of those because they didn’t seem personal enough for me,” she explains.

That’s when her thoughts turned to something close to her. “I really love our slogan Dream Fearlessly. I thought there was nothing better for graduation and for someone who is continuing on to their career for the first time.”

She credits a visit to the American Family Dream Bank in Madison for her decision.

“This really opened my eyes to people who set a dream for themselves and took action to reach it. It encouraged me to think about something that scares me or I don’t think I can do and make that my dream.”

Megan started with American Family as a 2017 summer intern at the Property Claims Desk. She joined full-time as an associate claim adjuster on a property contents team in January 2018. In May, she became a claim adjuster on the contents team. 

Accepting the job and starting work before graduation was a challenge.

“Taking the job in January forced me to complete my last two classes during the three-week winter interim, which was crazy and difficult,” Megan says. “I’m glad I could jump on the team earlier than expected.”

As for her future, Megan says: “I want to look at my career the day that I retire and be able to say I made a difference in the company I worked for. I hope to take advantage of all the opportunities American Family offers.”