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Moving Soon? Don't Forget About Insurance

Proper insurance coverage can make for a smooth move.


August is an exciting month of change, anticipation and new beginnings for thousands of Americans.


It’s one of the top months in the U.S. for moving into new houses, condos and apartments.

If a move is in your future, be sure to include insurance in your plans.

Talk to your insurance agent

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you should talk to your insurance agent before your move. For starters, you’ll need to discuss whether your policy can be transferred to your new home.

If you’re moving to a new state, you may need to change agents or even insurance companies, given that not all insurance companies are licensed to sell insurance in all states. (For example, American Family Insurance operates in 19 states.) If you’re moving somewhere in town, your agent will need to know the age, square footage, construction type and other details about your new home.

You also will want to share a timeline of your moving schedule with your agent, to help you transition your insurance to the new location.

If you’re hiring movers

If you’re hiring a moving company, check your homeowners insurance policy to determine whether it will cover personal property during your move, and if limitations apply. Likewise, make sure you know the extent of your moving company’s insurance coverage.

As a general rule, your mover’s insurance will cover items the movers damage. Basic coverage is based on the weight of items moved, as well as federal (state-to-state) and state (in-state) laws governing moving. Typically, basic coverage is around 30 cents per pound for in-state moves, and 60 cents per pound for interstate moves.

For a fee, moving companies often offer additional coverage based on the value of personal property rather than weight. Again, check with your moving company to explore coverage options.

If you’re one of our homeowners insurance customers, your American Family homeowners policy generally covers damaged property if the moving vehicle is in an accident, or if items are stolen during the move.

Try to inspect your property immediately after it has been delivered to the new home. If you notice damaged items, document them and have the movers sign off on a damaged property list.

Planning on having your car towed by the movers? You should verify whether your personal auto insurance policy will provide coverage while the car is being hauled by the moving company. American Family customers can rest assured knowing their auto policy will extend physical damage coverage to the vehicle while it is being towed by movers.

Considerations when moving yourself

If you’re a “do-it-yourselfer” and plan to move yourself, insurance coverage for your personal property may vary.

If you have an American Family homeowners policy and you decide to move your own things, those items are generally covered while in transit, with some exclusions and limitations. But the most common moving mishap, damage to personal items due to improper handling and stowage, is generally not covered. However, if your vehicle is in an accident, your items will be covered for the resulting damage.

Contact your American Family agent to determine your coverage and options.

Moving to a special new place that you can call your own is an important step toward fulfilling your dreams of happiness, comfort and security.

Let American Family Insurance protect those dreams – talk to your agent today.

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