Madison, WI,
11:12 AM

Master Your To-Do List: 5 Ways to Get Stuff Done


Whether you struggle staying organized or simply have too much on your plate,Vicky Cassidy of Grid Productive offers these tips for mastering your to-do list – and making more time for your dreams this year!

  1. Start Small. To-do lists are intimidating because each project often requires multiple steps to complete."Break each item apart until you can identify the one thing you need to take action on to get started," suggests Vicky.
  2. Practice Saying "No." Turning down requests personally and professionally is a vital step in managing your priorities. "Be sure to explain the reason you cannot do something, or offer an alternative," says Vicky. "That way you keep relationships intact."
  3. Turn it off. Text alerts and email notifications might seem handy, but they interrupt the flow of your day. Skip the pop-up updates in favor of checking your phone or email periodically throughout the day.
  4. Unplug. Try to spend as much time as you can away from your devices during off hours. "Never check your work email unless you are in a position to do the work," cautions Vicky. "You waste a lot of time and energy thinking about things you can’t act on."
  5. Make it easy. Whether it’s a desktop calendar or an online tool, find an organizational system that works for you. Vicky recommends Todoist, a free, smartphone task management app.