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Living both sides of white privilege


Robert De Young, American Family Insurance digital insights and analytics director, reflects on white privilege and why he's taking a stand on racism.

When I was hired four years ago, I remember introducing myself to our executive leadership team at Results Week. I said, “It’s great working for a company that cares about its community as well as its employees.”

I made this statement based on the feedback of the team that hired me. I later grew to appreciate those words, but it wasn't until the last few weeks that I truly understood and embraced them.

Experiencing racism …

My mother had 12 siblings. Her father was born in Mexico City and her mother in Chicago. They strongly wanted their kids to integrate into white America. They only taught them English and quickly Americanized their lives, transforming their names to become English-friendly. My mom’s name is Catalina, but to others, she’s Cathy. 

She passed down to me an implicit shame in my heritage. As a child, I was taught to be careful around Mexicans. One of my early memories was attending my cousin’s funeral in Chicago, where I was told not to look anyone in the eyes. We were there to pay respects and leave.

Moments like this formed inherent biases saying I shouldn’t trust Mexicans, that they were dangerous. This was a reflection of me – that I couldn’t be trusted and that others saw me as dangerous.

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