Madison, WI,
06:45 AM

Keep Your Dreams - and Car - Rolling Smoothly Along

Whether you drive to work, the grocery store or on your annual family road trip, your car is as much a means of reaching your dreams as it is a dream itself.

Sometimes though, there's a pothole in the road, and you – and your car – need a little help to get rolling again.

Just ask one of our customers, Fred B., whose car broke down one Sunday morning during a family vacation. Luckily, Fred had American Family's Emergency Roadside Service, which quickly remedied the situation.

"The transport arrived in less than 15 minutes and our vehicle was repaired and on the road in a few short hours!" exclaims Fred, adding that it was a relief knowing that this service was available.

Along with offering you peace of mind, American Family's Emergency Roadside Service pays the reasonable costs to get you back on the road:

  • One hour of labor for a mechanic where your vehicle broke down.
  • Towing to the nearest repair shop if your vehicle won't run or is stuck.
  • Delivery of gas and oil, and the cost to change a tire, jump-start or charge a battery. (Does not include the cost of the delivered item.)
  • Cost of labor for locksmith services if your keys are locked inside the vehicle. (Does not include the cost to replace locks or keys.)

With “Sign and Drive” direct billing for covered charges, you don't have any up-front payments, deductible or worry about getting reimbursed.

Curious about adding Emergency Roadside Service to your American Family auto policy?

Contact your local American Family Insurance agent.