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Joy Ippolito

Mental Health and Social Impact Investing expert

Joy Ippolito

Dr. Joy Ippolito is a Social Impact Investment Director for the American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact. Joy’s 20 years of policy, research, clinical practice, and graduate teaching experience in mental health, urban education, child welfare and juvenile justice help guide the Institute’s venture capital investments in social impact startups. She also sits on the boards of several early-stage startups in the health tech and education sectors and is a mentor and advisor for several accelerators looking to support startups that are working towards improving the lives of young people.

Joy holds a doctorate in human development and master’s in prevention science and practice from Harvard University, a master’s in clinical social work from the University of Chicago, and a bachelor’s in psychology from Loyola University Chicago.

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Joy is available to talk about mental health, social impact investing and related issues. If you’d like to arrange an interview, please contact a member of the media relations team, or send a message to the media relations mailbox.