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Get Ready for the Graduation Season

Plan for a fun, rewarding and stress-free celebration.


When winter changes to spring, it signals another fast-approaching season – graduation time! Whether commemorating the end of high school, college or a different institution, graduations recognize the culmination of a student's hard work. It’s now time to celebrate!

If you’re hosting a graduation party, here are a few suggestions for making the event a success without getting stressed out or breaking the budget.

  • Plan your celebration far enough in advance so there are fewer last-minute decisions.
  • Involve your graduate in the party decisions.
  • Determine who’s invited. Family members? Classmates? The entire neighborhood? Teachers and professors?
  • If you'll be preparing the food yourself, cook what you can in advance and freeze it so all you have to do the day of the party is thaw and reheat.
  • Determine the best date for the party. If there are other celebrations the same day, guests may be traveling from party to party, so plan for more of an open house event. If you have guests coming from other parts of the country, consider having your party the night or day after graduation.
  • If you’re planning an outdoor party, have a backup plan in case of bad weather. If the party isn’t at your home, reserve the space early.
  • If you plan on serving alcoholic beverages, keep in mind that some attendees may be under the legal drinking age, or prefer non-alcoholic options. Have plenty of bottled water, juice and soda on hand.
  • Parties can be expensive, so make a budget. Items to consider include decorations, flowers, tent rental, catering and beverages. Spread costs by purchasing non-perishable items such as tableware, invitations and canned beverages in advance. If several friends are graduating together, consider co-hosting a party. This helps you share costs.
  • Allow guests to add a personal touch by singing a large poster board or guest book.

Above all, remember that this event celebrates a major achievement in a loved one’s life. Relax and enjoy the day!

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