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Five ways to save money on your next vacation


Are you looking forward to your holiday vacation...but not the drain on your savings account? Here are five tips to save a bit of cash on your next trip.

Want to save money on your next vacation? Car rental insurance may or may not be the way to cut corners.

According to Regan Fackrell, sales director for American Family Insurance, generally, your personal car insurance coverage extends to the use of a rental car.

"If you have comprehensive and collision on your personal car (i.e. full coverage), those same deductibles and coverages would apply to the rental car," says Fackrell. "However, if you only have liability coverage on your personal car, the actual rental car would not be covered."

Fackrell always advises customers that if they are in a familiar city and have full coverage on their personal car, decline the insurance on the rental.

"If the city is unfamiliar, and your stress is high, just pay extra for the insurance," says Fackrell. "When travelling internationally, always accept the rental insurance. Insurance carriers differ, so make sure you talk to your agent first!”

Associated Press airline, travel and business reporter Scott Mayerowitz shares his top five tips to help you save some cash on your next family vacation in this article in the Akron Beacon Journal.