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Equity is the focus of our sustainability and climate action commitments

Learn more in our latest Corporate Responsibility Report


American Family Insurance Sustainability Administrator Beth Churchill reflects on the company's climate efforts and the reasons behind them. 

Our corporate responsibility strategy at American Family Insurance rests on three pillars:

Environment, reducing our environmental footprint by integrating sustainable practices throughout our company. 

Community, leading collaboration in community involvement with the goal of empowering socially impactful and resilient communities.

People, creating a culture of inclusive well-being for our employees, customers and communities.

You can see our achievements in each of these areas throughout 2019 in the newly released Corporate Responsibility Report.

The report highlights the goals, partnerships and investments in these three areas, all involving collaboration from many across the company. The work requires diving deeply into our values to set priorities and research opportunities for inclusivity, sustainability, giving and well-being.

We view our corporate responsibility efforts through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. These values guide our choices and priorities.

Read the rest of Beth's story on the ideas sharing site, Medium. Find out more about Beth. 



About the American Family Insurance group
Based in Madison, Wisconsin, American Family Insurance has been serving customers since 1927. We inspire, protect and restore dreams through our insurance products, exceptional service from our agency owners and employees, community investment and creative partnerships to address societal challenges. We act on our belief in diversity and inclusion by constantly evolving to meet customer needs and preferences.American Family Insurance group is the nation’s 13th-largest property/casualty insurance group, ranking No. 254 on the Fortune 500 list. The group sells American Family-brand products, primarily through exclusive agency owners in 19 states. The American Family Insurance group also includes CONNECT, powered by American Family Insurance, The GeneralHomesite and Main Street America. Across these companies the group has more than 13,500 employees nationwide.