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Enjoy Social Media Safely

Keep family members happy and secure with these tips.


Social media offers a convenient and fun way to stay connected with family and friends. That’s why it’s called “social” media – it’s a neat way to interact with those we care about!

To make sure you and your family get the most out of social media, here are six easy steps for being savvy and safe online.

Safeguard your profileWe all love to post the latest news updates. Just make sure you’re securely sharing with people you know, to avoid the possibility of identity theft or abuse. Keep family members’ online profiles private so only family and folks you trust can see photos, birthdates or similar self-identifying details.

Keep personal info personalWould you feel comfortable having your personal information posted on a billboard? Probably not. In the wrong hands, this information could cause problems for you and your family. The same holds true for social media. Make sure family members avoid posting phone numbers, addresses, names of schools that family members attend and other identity-related information.

Publish pictures prudentlyA picture can paint a thousand words – which is why sharing photos and videos via social media is so widespread. But think twice before posting. Avoid publishing photos and videos that could compromise the safety or integrity of family members and others.

Strong passwords, pleaseUse passwords that can’t easily be deciphered by others, and change them every three months. That way, you and your family can continue enjoying social media securely.

Know your ‘friends’Your friends and family members are there for you through thick and thin. You trust them, and vice versa. That’s why it’s wise to only accept social media friend requests only from people you know and trust, and not from strangers. You want people to have your back in the real world, and online, too!

Keep the conversation goingRegularly discuss safe social media practices with your family. So, if you’re sitting around the dinner table discussing the latest social media posts, check to see if family members have received messages from strangers, or if they’ve been subjected to teasing or harassing posts online. Work together to put a stop to these activities if they occur.

For extra protection, consider the Identity Theft Fraud Expense Endorsement from American Family Insurance. You can also assess your potential identity theft risk with this handy ID Theft risk calculator.

Using social media wisely and safely can open countless doors to staying connected with family and friends!

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