Madison, WI,
10:04 AM

Don’t Let Rain Soak Your Prized Belongings


Spring showers can transform your yard into a lush, green space for relaxation and fun.

But occasional heavy rainfalls could soak possessions inside your home, including irreplaceable antiques, photos and heirlooms.

Before the next deluge, take these steps to preserve the things that make your house a home.

Maintain gutters – Keep them clean and damage-free. Use downspout extensions.

Cover window wells – Plastic covers keep rain from filling up your window wells.

Check the roof and flashing – Replace shingles, repair damage and keep flashing sealed.

Secure your foundation – Fill cracks and holes to prevent seepage.

Landscape wisely – Slope the ground away from your home, and keep plants at least three feet from the foundation.

Keep the sump pump operational – Regularly inspect it, and consider installing a battery backup.

Contact your American Family agent to learn more about protecting your home and the things in it.