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Changing lives, one book at a time


When Nishant Upadhyay, American Family Information and Data Management VP, volunteered recently to pack books with his colleagues to send to children overseas, he was reminded about growing up in India. Books he received each summer in boxes from far away inspired him to learn and reach for more. 

In April I had the pleasure of spending a day with my team volunteering in the community. Although I always appreciate time with my team – especially time like this outside the office – this experience was extra special for me.

Our assignment was with the Rotary Club’s Books for the World program. Specifically, we sorted and packed books for shipment to countries around the world, including many in southern Africa, Central America and South America, also Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.

As I filled those boxes with books, I thought about the kids who would receive them on the other end. Kids in places where reading material is a luxury. Kids just like me, growing up in India.

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