Madison, WI,
06:53 AM

Best. Bike. Trip. Ever

Breeze in your hair. Trails crunching beneath your tires. The exhilarating rush you feel as you steer around the natural curve of the road.

What could be more freeing than adventures by bicycle? Here's how to keep yours safe:

Always wear a properly fitted helmet. A helmet can save you from a serious injury in case of a fall.

Make sure your bike is the right size. A bike that's too big or small may be hard to control.

Check your bike. Check tires, brakes, chain and gears for proper operation every time you ride.

Be visible. Wear bright reflective clothing to make sure others see you. If you ride at night, always use a light and reflectors.

Watch for road hazards. Look out for potholes, debris, gravel, puddles etc. that can cause you to lose control of your bike.

Follow the rules. If you ride on the road, obey traffic laws and use hand signals to indicate turns.

Need some ideas for family fun on a bike?

Plan a destination ride. Take a “bike picnic” to a local park or event.

Explore. Discover new areas in your community on local bike trails.

Give back. Many communities have bike rides connected to charitable fundraisers. Have fun as a family while raising money for a cause you care about!

Need a reason to jump start your riding season? Friday, May 15 is National Bike to Work Day. For more tips on biking for the whole family, check out American Family's Learning Center.