17:13 PM

American Family Insurance releases new brand advertising featuring Jennifer Hudson

Academy Award and Grammy award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson, DeShaun Blake, a member of the Morehouse College Glee Club, and six Chicago-area agents demonstrated the power American Family has to do good when they visited Richard Nunley’s music class at Kenwood Academy in Chicago. The visit was captured for new brand advertising released this week.

While filming the Morehouse College Glee Club advertisement for American Family last fall, Jennifer Hudson and glee club member DeShaun Blake found they had something in common – their former music teacher Richard Nunley, who was now teaching at Kenwood Academy in Chicago.

As a company who supports dreams, it seemed appropriate to follow-up on that moment by going back to support the educator. Mr. Nunley embodies the idea any dream is possible with the right support. He’s inspired and protected countless dreams throughout his career.

Ms. Hudson, DeShaun Blake and six Chicago-area agents presented Mr. Nunley and his students with a gift of much-needed new equipment and inspiration. That meeting and presentation became the basis for the latest brand advertisement, released this week.

“Jennifer Hudson made a huge difference, and it was personal, since Mr. Nunley was her actual high school teacher,” said agent Alonzo Rushing. “Ads like this separate us from our competitors. Customers come to me all the time and sing the “Lovely Day” song from the previous ad with Jennifer, so it really sticks with the public.”

“It was a humbling, feel-good experience to see Mr. Nunley so appreciative and then his students walked through that door and they were literally speechless. Some of them even cried,” said Alex Carrera. “I heard one student ask, ‘Is this really for us?’”