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Agent blog: Team Lassen goes for gold at the (Office) Winter Olympics

One of our very own agents and his team have been competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Well, sort of…

Norway ran away with the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang with 39 total medals, winning gold in skiing, biathlon, speed skating and several other events. But who won chair sledding, flonkerton (as seen in The Office), carpet dancing and hallway curling? Those events belong to Team Lassen of the Jason Lassen agency in Holmen, Wis.

“We like to do something unique on social media every few months,” says Jason. “Our team always has a blast coming up with creative ideas, filming them and putting our posts together. Our social media team meets once a week and talks about upcoming social media posts for that week. Once we realized how close the Olympics were, the ideas just started flowing.”

Opening ceremony:

All told, Team Lassen made four videos that they shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

“We’ve had more than 20,000 views on Facebook alone. We expected to get some chuckles but did not expect to receive the amount of positive attention that we have. Some of the Facebook comments were very inspiring to our entire team.” (Check out the comments by visiting Jason’s Facebook page)

Chair sled event:


“Our rule is, we can have fun with projects like this as long as it doesn’t distract from our production and normal daily work. Everyone was very excited to come in early or stay late to work on the project. I’ve never seen a group of people more engaged – these last two weeks of #TeamLassen Office Olympics have been like rocket fuel for our agency.”

Flonkerton, curling, and carpet dancing:

“We’ve had dozens of people come up to us in public and tell us how much they enjoyed the videos. They even want to know if we’re hiring or give us a suggestion for our next Office Olympic event. It’s increased our following on Facebook by 25 percent.”

As for Team Lassen competing in the Summer Olympic Games two years from now, Jason left the door open for speculation: “You’ll have to watch the ‘Life after the Olympics’ video all the way to the end.”

Life after the Olympics: