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6 Tips Teen Drivers (and Others) Need to Know


When you’re a teenager, getting your drivers license is a huge milestone on the road to adulthood and independence.

For parents, handing over the car keys to your teenager is a memorable experience filled with mixed emotions, too. After all, your loved one is taking on an important responsibility, with certain known risks.

It’s in everyone’s best interests – teen drivers, their parents and the millions of other drivers on the road – to promote safe driving practices among teens. If you’re a parent of a teen, or know someone who is, consider sharing these guidelines, which can help teens safely prepare for the road ahead.

Don’t speed:Driving too fast is one of the top factors in serious teen accidents. Like everyone else, teens should always stay within the speed limit, so they can continue enjoying the awesomeness of being a teenager!

Wear a seatbelt:Buckling up saves lives. By some estimates, seatbelts can prevent fatalities in half of all car crashes. Get in the habit of buckling up before starting up.

Limit distractions: Texting and talking on the phone, adjusting the stereo and eating while driving are often linked to crashes. Avoid these and other distractions – your life is worth it.

Avoid driving with other teens:Studies show that when teens are new drivers, they’re safer when they don’t have other teens in the car. Most states have Graduated Driving Laws (GDL), which restrict passengers during the early stages of driving. By sticking to GDL rules, teens are doing themselves and their friends a BIG favor.

Never drink and drive:By staying sober behind the wheel, you’re avoiding possibly hurting yourself, those you care about and others. Teens are at far greater risk in serious alcohol-related crashes than the overall population. If there’s a situation involving drinking, calling a parent for a ride is safer and smarter.

Enroll in the Teen Safe Driver program:This award-winning program for American Family Insurance auto insurance customers has helped teens reduce risky driving habits by more than 70 percent. Consider signing up today.

By helping teens develop safe driving habits from the start, everybody wins!

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