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5 Spring Driving Safety Tips


5 Spring Driving Safety Tips

Spring spurs many pleasant changes - longer days, warmer temperatures and an array of colorful plants.

While enjoying these seasonal stimuli, keep your senses equally tuned to a less-than-ideal arrival: changing road conditions.

Here’s some help.

  • Avoid puddles. They can conceal potholes and decrease braking ability.
  • Use caution on bridges and overpasses. Thawing snow and spring rain freeze quicker when the temperature drops.
  • Watch for deteriorating pavement. It’s more dangerous to drive on, and can damage your car, too.
  • Be extra alert for pedestrians. Warmer weather brings out walkers, bicyclists and many playing children.
  • Give your car a full inspection. Winter’s extremes can take a toll. Check your vehicle thoroughly for damaged or worn parts, including windshield wipers and headlights.

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